About Us

Agape Albums specializes in Flush Mount Albums - from baby and birthday, to wedding and travel albums, you name it and we will make it happen. Our flush mount albums are known for combining a luxurious texture with elegance, high quality and durability to make sure the most important moments in your life remain vivid

and even the tiniest of details is captured in a masterful way.

Our History

We have been supplying albums to professional photographers for over 30 years. We know what

elements are key to making high quality Flush Mount Albums and with this experience we want to

ensure our valued customers are totally satisfied with Agape Albums.

Our Mission

Agape Albums is on a mission to raise the standard when it comes to albums. We strongly believe that special moments

 deserve to be captured and represented in the best way. To do so, our Flush Mount Albums feature thick pages that add quality

and a luxurious texture to your pictures; a LayFlat design for beautiful panoramic views; an album spine specifically designed

to stand the sands of time and remain durable; and a professional photo paper with a special chemical process to protect

your memories. All these factors work in unison to represent lifetime memories, capture every tiny detail and add a

sophisticated touch to the album and the moments it holds.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, we want to expand our catalogue of products and remain on top of the latest trends and technologies

in the industry to continue to deliver le crème de la crème of high quality Flush Mount Albums.

We strongly believe that your lifetime memories and special moments deserve the best quality

and care - and we are here to help you make that possible.

What's behind our name?

Agape “pronounced A-Ga-Pey” comes from the Greek word meaning ‘Love’. The word also signifies

‘Enjoyment’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Value’. These key words reflect our company’s philosophy to ensure you

and your loved ones memories are encapsulated and enjoyed forever.


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