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The professional Photo Album that has a sleek, smooth and luxurious feel.

A perfect home for your perfect memories.

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About Us

Agape Albums specializes in flush mount albums - from baby and birthday, to wedding and travel albums, you name it and

we will make it happen. Our flush mount albums are known for combining a luxurious texture with elegance, high quality and durability to make sure the most important moments in your life remain vivid and even the tiniest of details is captured in a masterful way.


What's Flush Mount?

Flush Mount is an album that comprises strength, beauty and quality features!

An outstanding design that will leave you speechless.

Our Albums are Firm and Durable

Pages on the basic Photo Book curl, bend and easily deteriorate, but our Flush Mount

pages offer a superior quality that other photo books are unable to match.

The pages are sturdy, thick and provide great detail for your photos,

so they last with time.

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Agape Albums

Our Album is Panoramic Layflat

Basic Photo Books lose their image inside the guttering of the page,

but our Flush Mount Albums have a layflat design,

which gives outstanding panoramic views.

Photo Book

Agape Albums

Our Albums use professional photo paper

Photo Books pages are made from magazine paper.

This implies that the pages are easily torn and colours change

deteriorating the quality for your special memories.

Our Flush Mount Albums use Fuji professional photo paper with a special

chemical process which means your albums will last for generations to come.


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The Spine of the Book

Our Flush Mount Albums have a completely different set of characteristics

compared to the Photo Book. One of the differences is the spine.

A Photo Book uses a poorer design which easily falls apart as time passes.

Whereas our Flush Mount Albums have a spine that can last a lifetime of memories.


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Our Albums Quality

The quality of our Flush Mount Albums excels that of

Standard Photo Books in every way!


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30 x 38

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Sizes given in (cm) and Prices are for 20 pages.


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